“Criticality Safety – pushing boundaries by modernizing and integrating data, methods, and regulations”

Organized by:

ANS Nuclear Criticality Safety Division (http://ncsd.ans.org)
American Nuclear Society (http://www.ans.org)

Proud Sponsors:

Participants traveling by air should fly either directly into Carlsbad (CNM) via Albuquerque (ABQ) (probably not the most convenient schedule or lowest cost) or into any one of these nearby regional airports:

Hobbs (HOB)     United Airlines         75 miles east of Carlsbad

Roswell (ROW)   American Airlines     80 miles north of Carlsbad

El Paso (ELP)     (multiple carriers)     160 miles southwest of  Carlsbad

Midland (MAF)   (multiple carriers)     140 miles southeast of Carlsbad

Lubbock (LUB)   (multiple carriers)     180 miles northeast of Carlsbad

Participants should make advance reservations for renting cars at their arrival airports for the final leg of their journey to Carlsbad.

Participants not in possession of drivers licenses (valid in the USA) and unable to arrange their own ground transportation should select either Carlsbad (CNM), Hobbs (HOB), or Roswell (ROW) for their arrival airport and contact Jef Lucchini, General Chair (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at the time of their online registration to make ground transportation arrangements with the conference organizers.  

For transportation between Carlsbad hotels and the conference venue, participants are encouraged to use their rental vehicles and to share rides with colleagues who do not have rental cars.  The conference organizers will arrange transportation between the preferred three hotels (see Hotels) and the conference venue, should this be a high demand.

For transportation between Carlsbad hotels and Technical Tours sites, registered participants will be transported by vans and buses provided by the conference organizers. Regarding the Excursion, travel to and from the Carlsbad Caverns is on your own. However, the conference organizers will help, if needed.